Editing Facilities

Milko’s post production services includes self contained dry hire facilities through to a comprehensive offline, color grade and sound mixing packages.

We offer the latest Final Cut Studio 3 or Final Cut Pro X software combined with the latest Adobe Premium Production suite bundle. Milko’s support staff are experienced in working with all digital formats including XDCam, HDCam, RED, Arri Alexa, Cineflex, Vericam, HDV, etc.

Milko can also provide Avid Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro edit systems, as well as large raid storage capabilities for HD data workflow.

Full graphics package including Cinema 4D, After Effects, Color, Motion. 

Milko specializes in all compression formats for uploading to the web and are able to digitize and export most formats. We also offer DVD authoring services.

Milko Productions has extremely competitive hire and editor rates (rate card available upon request).

Contact Milko for any edit requirement from TVC, music video through to documentaries and longform film making.